Friday, April 18, 2014

Arduino ebay clone droubles...

So wanted to try these arduino clones from ebay and have some feedback.

The one I got has both male and female connectors for pins. I placed my ethernet shield on top of it and tried to power it up with no luck. Apparently the ICSP is up side down! The solution is to either cut the ICSP pins from the controller and the shield and  then wire manually to the shield or rotate the shield 180o and wire any additional pins from the controller to the shield. Pins as shown here from the shield should be wired to pins 12,VCC,13,11,RESET and GND in order for everything to work that is if you choose the former solution. I haven't tested which pins are required for the other solution. Keep in mind that if you simply rotate the shield (180o) you still may run into trouble because more pins are used by the (W5100) ethernet shield.

As a last reminder make sure not to use pins 4 and 10 as they are used by the shield as well.

The error you may get is a address from Ethernet.LocalIP().

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