Sunday, January 19, 2014

ZTE H108NS & telnet

Some issues you may encounter when trying to telnet ZTE H108NS modem:

1. You cannot connect at all

In that case from the Web UI go to Access Management -> ACL and edit or create a rule for the LAN interface which allows telnet connections from your subnet.

2. Password is not accepted

The web ui password may differ from the console password but there is a way... Go to Maintainance -> Firmware and press the ROMFILE BACKUP button to download a copy of the configuration parameters. View the (xml) file with any text editor and locate the admin user entry under Account:

<entry0 br="" username="admin" web_passwd="yourwebuipasswd">console_passwd="telnetpasswdhere" display_mask="FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF" />
  ....... more entries which hopefully are not the same in all modems but I doubt it ....... </entry0> </account>

The telnet password is stored in the console_passwd attribute.

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