Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adobe Air for linux sucks!

Remember how I wanted to set up an openbox/air box for presentations? Well I did on the real machine to end up with the Adobe Air application + X processes having on average 80% cpu usage together!

On top of that the AIR application (was just a Glow effect on an Image really, very basic app) was crashing after a few minutes! Now I've installed firefox & flash plugin, converted the air app back to swf and running the movie with half cpu usage among X and firefox. I really wonder how this is possible, the AIR overhead being greater than firefox overhead. I wasn't expecting that...

*Running the test app using firefox for over 24hrs straight. Stable CPU usage, no crashes. Seems to be the solution at least until gnash fully supports SWF9 or I find a projector for linux or someone suggest something better.

*Update: There is a standalone flash player available from Adobe. CPU usage as in firefox more or less. Half the memory usage though. I still need to find if you can execute it in fullscreen...

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